Leave drywall in the dust.
Stick it to stick-built walls.
Discover KI's best-in-class wall solutions.

And never return to your
dirty old ways of wall construction.


Quick installation. Minimal waste. Low risk. More affordable. It's everything you want...and need.

This...is what best in class looks like.

Industry-Leading Installation Time

KI walls install at a rate of one hour per lineal foot. Your project can be completed faster and at less cost, since there's less trade labor. In fact, we consistently outpace our competition. And it's not because we rush; we pre-assemble as much as we can before arriving to your job site to guarantee quick, careful, quality construction.


Minimal Construction Clutter or Waste

As a good steward of the environment, we detest waste. Plus, waste is costly to remove and time-consuming to clear out. KI walls leave virtually no waste, keeping the environment clean, your time saved, and your money untouched.

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Less Risk Due to Ease of Reconfiguration

The more flexible a solution, the less risk you encounter. Need to change your measurements onsite? Has the client changed their space requirements? Again? It's no problem! KI walls are designed with simplicity to allow for quick, easy changes where and when needed.

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Fewer External Trades to Manage

Construction can get messy. Too many hands on deck causes confusion, time wasted, and excess money spent. KI walls involve minimal external trades, eliminating the headache of managing multiple teams. Simplify your process with one point of contact for a team of KI experts who know how to get the job done.


The KI Suite
of Solutions

Three walls rule them all. Walls that
work together in perfect 3-part harmony.
Alone, they stand powerfully.
But together, they're an unbeatable team.


a frameless glass beauty for stunning storefronts


an incredibly flexible drywall substitute


a jack-of-all trades... it does it all, brilliantly

Ridiculously Simple Specification & Installation

Explore the options! Do you need a storefront, dividing walls, or both? Would you like glass panels, solid panels, or a combination of the two? Sliding or pivot doors?

All other decisions are gravy. To review these options, explore the technical support documents below. And please, don't hesitate to call us with questions: 800.424.2432


Risk-Free Quoting.
Guaranteed Pricing.

Let us take the guesswork out of "How much does it cost?" and provide an accurate yet expedient project-specific quote just for you.


Timeless or Trendy.
Any Design You Choose.

Back-painted glass, tactile fabric wraps, colorful screen prints, frosted storefronts, custom graphics...the world is your oyster! The world of KI wall, that is.


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